Weldon Mentor Program

Schulich School of Law, Dalhousie University

Weldon Mentor Program: Living the Weldon Tradition – Building the Community

The Weldon Mentor Program provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the legal profession through meeting one-on-one with an alumni. The program is designed as a system of support and guidance aimed at helping students connect with alumni, who see the value of mentoring, and want to share their experience and insight with current students and recent graduates. The program is not designed or intended to focus on employment opportunities.

Goals and Objective

For Students

  • Learn about the legal profession and gain knowledge from alumni who work in various fields and have diverse legal backgrounds
  • Gain insight into the vast opportunities and challenges of a legal career
  • Broaden and expand their professional networks
  • Connect with colleagues who have a shared law school experience

For Alumni

  • Meet and influence future legal professionals and share unique knowledge and experience
  • Enhance the educational experience of students and give back to their alma mater in a meaningful way
  • Gain access to current concepts and research being taught at the Schulich School of Law

How it works

The Weldon Mentor program is open to current students and recent graduates. The program is individually tailored to student interests. The criteria used in assigning a mentor will be based on information provided by alumni and students on the student2mentors platform. Examples of criteria include geography and area of practice. Ideally, mentors will be available from both traditional and non-traditional law careers geography and area of practice.